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Wine Guide & Tutorials


We offer a plethora of wine knowledge here on our website ‘free for the picking’, as we know the more you know about wine, the more you will enjoy your wine experience, but we also encourage you to explore other sources of information on the web and even in the classroom. There are also some great wine books on offer and we have assembled a collection of books that we feel best organize the study of wine or simplify the language of wine for a more straightforward approach to understanding and enjoying wine.

We sincerely hope that you use our Wine Guide as a resource for continuing your wine education and improving your wine knowledge.

Learning facts and information about wine is a never ending journey and there are volumes of information out there to digest, however, the only way to really get to know wine and appreciate the magnitude of subtleties, complexity and differences is by tasting. So pour yourself a glass and dive into the world of wine.